RAISED BY WOLVES is Half Off for the Weekend! ♥

It’s my honor to be part of the My LesFic newsletter launch today (created by the ever awesome Harper Bliss and her Mrs.! ♥ ) My LesFic is a weekly newsletter that includes discounted lesbian fiction books. It is VERY AWESOME and you should sign up for it! The book I chose to be included is Raised by Wolves! RBW is one of my favorite books I’ve EVER written, and if you’ve been wanting to give it a read, it’s now discounted to half off for the weekend! ♥

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Almost there! ♥

I’m super, super hard at work on JUST ONE KNIGHT, working hard to get it out before the end of the month, so I’m sorry I haven’t been around for much than an Instagram post of pretty furry faces on social media! ♥ I can’t WAIT to share this book with you, and until it’s done, I’m going to be pouring my heart into it, so I’ll continue to be missing for a little while. ♥

Until then, my beautiful wife, Jenn/Natalie Vivien wrote a lovely blog post on our decorating blog that includes some magical pictures of our secret garden and what Lion Hall has been looking like lately. ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope you’re guys are well and happy. I love you guys! ♥ ♥ ♥

If you’re excited about JUST ONE KNIGHT, please make sure to sign up for our newsletter–you’ll be the first to know when it’s released! ♥

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The audiobook for THE VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR is out now!

I have incredibly awesome news for you tonight!!! The very first book that I and my wife, author Natalie Vivien, wrote together, The Vampire Next Door has been turned into an audiobook! And what an audiobook it is!!! Our amazing narrator, Maria Marquis, blew this one out of the park. It is a lush, passionate, funny, wonderful production, and we could not be happier with it! I know you guys are going to LOVE IT! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Another teaser from JUST ONE KNIGHT! ♥

JUST ONE KNIGHT. *happiest sigh of EVER* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ OMG, you guys. O. M. G.

Cinda and Talis are fast becoming my favorite couple OF ALL TIME. Now, now, my Holly and Virago fans and my Kane and Rose fans: I KNOW. I HAVE SPENT A LOT OF TIME WITH THOSE LADIES, AND I WILL LOVE THEM FOR ALWAYS WITH ALL OF MY HEART. But Cinda and Talis are ridiculous and hilarious and courageous and, okay, I CAN’T PICK FAVORITES, I KNOW. I. KNOW. *looks penitent* 😀

But then there’s stuff like today’s teaser. I SHALL JUST LEAVE THIS HERE. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(From Cinda’s point of view:)

The minstrel peers out into the tavern’s audience. “Any requests, lovely people?”

Lellie leaps to her feet with an enormous grin, brandishing her glass of beer aloft.

“I have one!” she shouts triumphantly at the very same time that Talis blanches and reaches out, grabbing Lellie’s elbow and trying to pull her fellow knight down beside her.

“Lellie, I swear,” Talis groans, but it’s all too late, because Lellie has shouted (at the very tippy top of her lungs): “please play ‘The Dragon Maid of Brightcoast!’” Then she hops up and down in place when the minstrel shields her eyes against the glare of the magelights in front of the stage and points in her direction.

“Anything for a knight!” the minstrel all but purrs, and then she strums the harp as the singer lifts her chin, a wide smile on her face.

“Oh, no,” Talis laughs, and Lellie sits back down quickly, elbowing her friend.

“Get up there and show us your moves, silly!” Lellie elbows her again and all but pushes Talis out of the booth.

Talis sighs then, unfolding herself out of the seat. “I must warn you, lady,” says the knight, crouching down beside me, her voice low and throaty and every word a flirt: “What you are about to see…they are my best moves.”

“I’ll…keep that in mind,” I chuckle, and then Talis bows her head and springs up, walking backward toward the stage in a dancey pantomime of…well. I’m not quite certain what she’s going for.

Until she starts to dance.

If you’re excited about it, please make sure to sign up for our newsletter–you’ll be the first to know when it’s released! ♥

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The audiobook for UNDER HER SPELL is out now!

It’s here!!!! The audiobook of Under Her Spell was released tonight, and is available on Amazon and on Audible!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

This production is just so magical, and Rose narrated the hell out of it–it’s just beautiful, and I’m so, so happy to share this with you! ♥ I’m very sad, because Rose and I have been talking, and she told me today that she’s retiring from narrating audiobooks to pursue other things. I totally support her in this, and she told me that she loves my stories and wants to narrate a few more ( ♥ ♥ ♥ forever ), but they’re going to be very few and far in between–which, of course, makes me very sad.

I hope you love it!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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The audiobook for MEETING ETERNITY is out now!

I am SO DELIGHTED and THRILLED to tell you that Meeting Eternity, the first book of my Sullivan Vampires series, is out today in audiobook, narrated by the awesome Lynn Devereux! ♥ ♥ ♥

You guys know that this is the first story I ever released as Essex, and this story is how it really all began. ♥ ♥ ♥ Rose’s story saw me through some really rough times, and I poured every part of my heart into these books. ♥ Lynn’s narration brought Rose and Kane’s love story to life in such brilliant technicolor…this audiobook is everything I dreamed it could be, and I am over the moon with it! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Another teaser from JUST ONE KNIGHT! ♥

You may have noticed that my life right now is utterly consumed by JUST ONE KNIGHT. ♥ My sleep schedule is all topsy turvy, the book is all I can think and breathe, I fall to bed exhausted, having worked on it all day, and I get up bright-hearted and excited to work on it again after sleeping. ♥ This is the kind of love affair book that every writer dreams of, and every moment working on it is a joy. ♥ SO, I’m a little behind replying to things, but I want to ride this wild mare of a book as far as she’ll take me. I’m getting to be close to finishing her, and I promise I’ll catch up with everything when it’s all said and done. ♥

THAT BEING SAID, tonight, meet Cinda, the other main character of JUST ONE KNIGHT! ♥ Cinda’s a baker nearing close to forty, and she’s a bit worried that she’s spent most of her life working so hard that she’s missed out on adventures…but, in just one night, her life is going to change forever. ♥ This bit is from Talis’s (the “knight’s”) point of view, when she first sees Cinda. ♥

“Thank you,” she managed. “Thank you for saving me.”

And then she gave me a smile, a smile so good and true that I would have set my sails by it if I were the seafaring sort. As it was, I stared down at her, and I could feel my body pulling itself toward her, the way a tide pulls a ship, and I did the only thing I could think to do—I stepped backward.

“Oh. Oh, yes, of course.” I took a deep breath, and I was about to say something else, really, anything else, because I sounded so unsure, and knights are never unsure, but then…

Then the woman in front of me. The woman I was finding attractive in every single possible way…she gave me a different sort of smile.

A smile that would pull the sun from its orbit, that would draw every star down from the heavens just to drift closer to something so lovely. …

She likes me.

And I like her.

And is there anything so good and right in the world when there are two women who look at one another and see something beautiful?

If you’re excited about it, please make sure to sign up for our newsletter–you’ll be the first to know when it’s released! ♥

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