Our Pets!

My wife, author Natalie Vivien (Jenn) and I are passionate animal lovers. We volunteer at animal shelters, have been vegan for years (we eat no meat, dairy, eggs–basically anything that once was or came from an animal) and before that, vegetarian for decades. We are the proud parents of our beloved fur-children, and they are our literal world. ♥ They’re a huge presence in our social media, and we get so many questions on them, I thought I’d make a page for them! ♥

If you love our babies and want to treat them to something special, enough folks ask that I set up a wishlist for them! ♥

Our Dogs:


Nicknames: Ba, Berb, Za, Zaba, Berbbins, Berbbins Zaba

What is she? A Shetland Sheepdog

How old is she? Two years old!

Loves: Her sister, Poesy; ANY AND ALL TREATS, her merms (moms); strawberries; licking bowls; running like a gazelle; playing with her brother Snowman; watching her merm Bridget write; protecting ALL tiny animals;  chewing merm Bridget’s lipbalms to pieces

Dislikes: Car rides

What is she like? Zelda is the most loving creature in the entire universe (give or take). Everyone who meets her falls in love. She has an enormous heart, is protective and compassionate, wants to protect and save any and all animals slightly smaller than she is. She is a very good dog.

Zelda and her brother, Gem:

Fairy Zelda at the last Spoutwood May Day Fairie Festival!

Zelda’s best friends are a bunny and a bird. ♥

My puppy soulmate. ♥ ♥ ♥

More coming soon!

Our Cats:

Our Rabbits:

Our Guinea Pigs:

Our Birds:

Our Gerbils:

Our Mouse:

Our Fish: