Bridget’s Lesbian Book Reviews

I’ve been madly in love with the lesbian fiction world since I was a teenager, avidly devouring books about women just like me–women who fell in love with other women. I gravitated toward romance because I loved that these women–instead of being used as a sidekick character or someone you could kill off in the first chapter, as in mainstream novels–got a happily ever after and were fully realized, passionate characters.

As an author of lesbian romance, I know how hard it is and how much of your heart you must put into a book to make it good, to make the characters real, believable women you root for. This is something that’s very much worthy of support. And, since I mostly just read lesbian romance, I thought it would be fun to start doing my own reviews of these books.

So, these are my reviews!

Bridget’s Lesbian Book Reviews

Contemporary Romance:

Never Too Late by Julie Blair
Season’s Meetings by Amy Dunne


“Midsummer Night’s Tryst” by Kate Genet

Fantasy Romance:

“Out of Her Depth” by Pike Martell

Historical Romance:

The Pirate’s Booty by Alex Westmore

Do you want your book reviewed by Bridget?

I get roughly a hundred targeted hits on my blog every single day, of people looking to read lesbian romance, and I’d love to share that with you! If your book meets the following criteria, I’d love to give it a read!

Please note: I will only post reviews of books that I truly enjoyed. I know that every author does incredibly difficult work to bring their story into the world, and that every book will find their ideal readers. I don’t believe in posting negative reviews as an author myself, because I understand the work that went into a book and fully understand that my likes and dislikes are not necessarily someone else’s.

– I only review lesbian books that are either written by a lesbian or by someone who’s very respectful of the LGBTQ community.

–  I only review lesbian books.  I will also review books where the main character identifies as bisexual or queer or trans, so long as the romance of the book is between two women (this, of course, includes trans women–this blog is, and has always been a trans safe space ♥ ).  This means that I will not review a book if it has a romance element for the main character involving a man, or a person who identifies as a man, or is menage with two women and a man–basically, ANY heterosexual elements are a no-no. 🙂  While I understand that there are others out there who enjoy these books, they’re not my cup of tea.  Thanks for understanding!  🙂

– I read and love lesbian erotica, keeping in mind what I said above.  🙂

Contact me if you’d like me to review your book!  Please include “Book Review” in the subject line.  I prefer eBooks (I have a Kindle), but will read print books.


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