Another teaser from JUST ONE KNIGHT! ♥

You may have noticed that my life right now is utterly consumed by JUST ONE KNIGHT. ♥ My sleep schedule is all topsy turvy, the book is all I can think and breathe, I fall to bed exhausted, having worked on it all day, and I get up bright-hearted and excited to work on it again after sleeping. ♥ This is the kind of love affair book that every writer dreams of, and every moment working on it is a joy. ♥ SO, I’m a little behind replying to things, but I want to ride this wild mare of a book as far as she’ll take me. I’m getting to be close to finishing her, and I promise I’ll catch up with everything when it’s all said and done. ♥

THAT BEING SAID, tonight, meet Cinda, the other main character of JUST ONE KNIGHT! ♥ Cinda’s a baker nearing close to forty, and she’s a bit worried that she’s spent most of her life working so hard that she’s missed out on adventures…but, in just one night, her life is going to change forever. ♥ This bit is from Talis’s (the “knight’s”) point of view, when she first sees Cinda. ♥

“Thank you,” she managed. “Thank you for saving me.”

And then she gave me a smile, a smile so good and true that I would have set my sails by it if I were the seafaring sort. As it was, I stared down at her, and I could feel my body pulling itself toward her, the way a tide pulls a ship, and I did the only thing I could think to do—I stepped backward.

“Oh. Oh, yes, of course.” I took a deep breath, and I was about to say something else, really, anything else, because I sounded so unsure, and knights are never unsure, but then…

Then the woman in front of me. The woman I was finding attractive in every single possible way…she gave me a different sort of smile.

A smile that would pull the sun from its orbit, that would draw every star down from the heavens just to drift closer to something so lovely. …

She likes me.

And I like her.

And is there anything so good and right in the world when there are two women who look at one another and see something beautiful?

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About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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