I’ll fight for you

MOST of the emails and messages I got about making A DARK AND STORMY KNIGHT free were beautifully positive and just really fucking nice. If this included one of you, thank you. I love you.

But some were not. And, within the past few days, I’ve received several emails and unfollows, stating my firm stance against Trump made these once-fans uncomfortable. And that authors shouldn’t be political.

While I appreciate that these folks did once buy my books and their past support… I’m a little boggled by “authors shouldn’t be political.”

Especially me. As a lesbian author. Married to a woman. Who had to FIGHT for her right to be married, who has been marching in protests and protesting for my rights since I was eighteen years old. Who was made homeless because I was gay as a teen. Who has endured unconscionable suffering because of who and what I am.

These messages and emails did not come from my straight fans. They came from some of my lesbian fans.

Guys. I love you. If you voted for Trump, I think you’re misguided and that he will never, ever, ever help you. I disagree, strongly, with the action you took, and you have every right to not read my books because my stance makes you uncomfortable. But–I’ve made it very clear–that I don’t hate you.

And I also think I’ve made it very clear, even from the books I’ve written, that I have Strong Feelings about my rights as a lesbian. And that I *am* political. And that I am, always and forever, going to fight for my rights, and your rights, as a lesbian. I have suffered too greatly and been through too much to do anything else.

If you’re surprised by my passion on the subject, you just might not have been around me long enough.

I am a lesbian author. When I tell people this, they either stop talking to me immediately, say something terrible to me, or are enthusiastic. It’s usually the former two. LITERALLY everything that I am is–according to most people–a “political statement.” I can no more divorce myself from my politics than I could my breath.

I am deeply saddened by those of you who are angry at me for being myself. I’m sorry that I made you uncomfortable. But I have been through too much and suffered too greatly to ever not fight for myself or my wife. And I hope you respect me enough to realize this.

I care about you, even if you no longer care about me. And I’ll fight for you, even if we don’t have the same views. Always.


About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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2 Responses to I’ll fight for you

  1. mikejmulcahy says:

    Bridget, being originally from NJ is to tell the haters to fuck off. But after reading your full post, you are spot on. We need to find ways to disagree without denigrating the other person. You are a great role model… Mike


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