A Reading of ETERNAL HOTEL, Sullivan Vampires, Book 1!

In preparation of finishing ETERNAL GAME, the sixth novella in my Sullivan Vampires series, I am re-reading all of the Sullivan Vampires novellas to make certain all aspects of what I wanted in the story are woven in to the new novella, because it’s been awhile. I just finished reading ETERNAL HOTEL, the first book, and I figured it might be fun to mention a few things I have feelings about regarding the stories.

(BY THE WAY: I’m going to be making a print version of the Sullivan books very, very soon! I’ll let you know when the first book is out in print! ♥ If you haven’t signed up for our mailing list yet, please do so, and you’ll be the first to know when ETERNAL GAME is out!)


– I wrote ETERNAL HOTEL a very long time ago, and I’ve read it a bunch of times since, and still, STILL, when Rose meets Kane for the first time, my heart still races, and I get SO EXCITED that my eyes skim over the lines when Rose is walking down the hallway toward the Widowmaker, because I’m SO EXCITED about that first moment with Kane. *happiest of sighs* ♥

– Along the same vein, I’ve read Rose’s meeting of Kane for the first time SO MANY TIMES. And, EVERY time, it makes me teary! I know both Kane and Rose’s back stories leading up to that (which you guys don’t at this point–very, very soon you will!), which makes it more poignant, but still. They have so much heartbreak in their histories, and then, in that simple moment, they come together, these two women who could heal themselves and each other through their extraordinary connection. Tears! Every! Time! ♥

– It was so, so hard for me to decide which of the Sullivans to introduce in the big parlor scene! I finally went with Dolly, Mags and Victoria (with a cameo of Branna playing her violin) because I didn’t want to be overwhelming to the reader. Every Sullivan is so distinct, I wanted to separate them out enough that they were women you remembered. By the way, oh, Mags. I love you, but you are such a jerk. 😛

– From the very first moment of creating the Sullivans, I knew that dreams would be very, very important to the story, but the very first dream of Kane that Rose has I didn’t even let them kiss! I am SUCH a mean author! :O

– To this day, the Mags-trying-to-kill-Rose-by-drowning scene is still one of the creepiest I’ve ever written, I think. The helplessness of the cold, of the water, of someone more powerful than you dragging you down…it’s a terrifying feeling. When I was a kid, I drowned in the deep end of the town pool where I was swimming (I wasn’t a good enough swimmer yet). They had to pull me out and give me mouth to mouth to resuscitate me. It’s still one of my strongest childhood memories, and I put a lot of it into the drowning scene, so it’s pretty realistic! Thanks, almost-drowning-as-a-kid, for giving me things to write about. ;D

– Angry Kane is really, really sexy Kane. Also, saving-Rose-from-drowning Kane is pretty hot, too. ;D



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Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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