Cake Day!

So today is my birthday, and I wanted to thank you so much for the birthday wishes already, guys! ♥ I’ve been SO SICK lately (summer colds/flu ARE THE WORST!!!), so I appreciate the kind words a lot! ♥

The best gift in the UNIVERSE that anyone could give me is an honest review of a book of mine they’ve read recently–reviews help the right story find its right readers, so if you have a minute or two, and you want to show some love, that would be pretty wonderful! ♥

Other than that, I’ve been writing up a storm (well, not when I had a bad fever. But pretty much every other moment! ;D), so I hope to have some stories your way very soon!

In other news, a friend of ours was in town recently, and we wanted to take her to Niagara Falls (she’d never been there, so it was pretty great to show her a natural world wonder!).  I was feverish that day, and still excited to go, but Natalie wanted to take my mind off of how sick I was…so she gave me birthday gift early!  It’s a beautiful fifties style dress (It’s called a “soda fountain” dress…SO CUTE!). ♥ I love my wife!!!

So, again, thank you so much for the birthday wishes–I love you guys so much! ♥


About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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One Response to Cake Day!

  1. Ted says:

    Adorable. Well done Natalie 🙂 And if I’m remiss in reviewing a book I need to remedy that. I’m usually Johnny on the spot when it comes to your novels/novellas.

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