THE VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR is released today (and available everywhere!)

It is my immense pleasure to announce that the VERY FIRST NOVEL that my wife, author Natalie Vivien and I have ever written is now out. 🙂 The Vampire Next Door is officially released today!

Writing this book together with my wife was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done. The process of writing together in and of itself was pretty wonderful. Natalie and I have a lot of similarities to our writing and the way we approach writing our novels, but we also have a lot of differences, too. Marrying our words and our characters together was this exciting time of discovery. “What if we did this?” we’d ask each other excitedly, drinking tea and poring over the outline long into the night as we danced around our two main characters, what they wanted out of life and out of their relationship with each other.

I am madly in love with my wife–that fact is pretty obvious, I’d think. 🙂 But being able to create a story with my favorite author made me love her even more…something that I’m always surprised is possible (I love her more than words can ever say already <3). Natalie and I always help each other with our outlines and stories, but now here we were, essentially creating every moment of that story side by side.

In the end, you can’t tell the parts of the book that I wrote and the parts that she wrote because of the careful editing we did, one after the other, smoothing our edges until we were perfectly merged. In the end, you can’t tell who came up with what idea, who came up with what romantic bit of dialogue or who wrote what in which sex scene (which, by the way, writing a sex scene together with your wife is EXTRA sexy!). It is a book as interconnected as we are together in our own lives. ❤

I hope you read it, and I hope you love it as much as we loved writing it. ❤

Courtney Banks owns a failing book store, and her relationship with her girlfriend Mia is falling apart. Courtney doesn’t even think she believes in love…that is, until she meets the vampire next door.

Valeria “Lare” Máille is a gorgeous scientist working on cutting-edge genetics. She also just happens to be a vampire, and Courtney’s new neighbor. Sparks fly from the very first moment Courtney and Lare meet, and their attraction is undeniable. But in a world where vampires have just “come out” of hiding, tensions between humans and vampires are running high. When Lare’s co-workers begin to go missing, it looks like foul play may put Lare in danger, too.

Will Courtney and Lare have a chance at love, or is the cost of falling for a vampire too high?

THE VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR is a light-hearted paranormal romance that will take you on a journey you’ll never forget. Written by wife-and-wife authors Natalie Vivien (known for her laugh-out-loud contemporary romances) and Bridget Essex (known for her vampires and werewolves in love), THE VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR is a marriage of humor, steamy romance and a love story that’s out of this world.



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About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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2 Responses to THE VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR is released today (and available everywhere!)

  1. bskies423 says:

    Bought it and planning on reading it as a reward for finishing my paper that’s due tomorrow. Can’t wait, I am super excited. I love both of you as authors and getting to read a collaborative work is like icing on the cake. Hope to see more books in the future 🙂

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