Bridget Reviews: “Midsummer Night’s Tryst” by Kate Genet (Lesbian Erotica)

“Midsummer Night’s Tryst” by Kate Genet

A friend. It was all she wanted. A special friend. One person in all the world to walk and talk with, share confidences, someone who would look at her tenderly, reach fleetingly for her hand, a slight grazing of fingers against the pulse point in the wrist, the sudden upwelling of breast.

In the heart of shy governess Edith burns a secret desire. Longing for one special friend, a woman who will look at her and see someone worth loving, Edith prowls the gardens and woods in the evenings and spends her nights tossing and turning upon her narrow bed, tormented by needs that can never be spoken of, and never hoped to be fulfilled.

Until a chance encounter one fine, summer evening brings with the dusk a magic better than she’d ever dreamed of.

I was completely blown away by this little short story, and it’s taken me a few days to actually get over my complete and total gushiness in order to write a proper review of it. Warning–I still might gush–this story is PHENOMENAL.

Ms. Genet has labeled this story as erotica, and it’s definitely sensual and erotic…but at its very heart, it’s one of the most deeply touching and romantic things I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. The minute I got done with it, I couldn’t stop talking about it to my wife! And it’s VERY hard to impress me with a short story. That I was this impressed speaks volumes for how much Ms. Genet was able to convey in only a few thousand words. The depth and breadth of the connection between the characters is astounding.

But I think the thing that touched me most about this book was the unabashed vulnerability and romance between the two characters. I understood Edith’s longing for someone special deeply, not only because I’ve felt those same emotions, but because Ms. Genet was able to paint that deep, unquenchable desire into the character so effortlessly, it was like watching the story unfold in real time.

When Edith makes that walk out into the woods and meets that special someone, it was so utterly enchanting that I caught my breath. Again, I must reiterate–it takes a LOT for me to be so captivated by a short story, and to be so entrenched in these characters so quickly…it was exhilarating watching that longing and then coming together unfold.

“Midsummer Night’s Tryst” by Kate Genet is rich, deeply poignant and one of the most lush and romantic stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. I seriously can’t recommend it enough–it’s only ninety-nine cents, which is an utter steal. If you don’t usually read historical stories, please give this one a shot–the romance transcends all, and will leave you feeling warm and happy for the whole damn day. 🙂 Highly recommended!

Five stars!


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