Print Books and Holiday Lights!

I am super excited that my two latest books, A Wolf for the Holidays and Don’t Say Goodbye are now out in paperback! Click the covers below to be taken to their Amazon pages!


I’ve also made a page here that contains all of my print books, to make it easier to find which of my books are in print. 🙂

Remember how Natalie and I survived the recent ENORMOUS snowstorm in Buffalo? Our local grocery store chain made shirts in remembrance of those many days of driving ban and being snowed in, and Natalie and I both laughed out loud when we saw the shirts the other day while grocery shopping…so we bought them.

And I wore it while I shoveled snow today. Which is totally appropriate! ;D Snowbody’s tougher than Buffalo, NY, and wearing a t-shirt while shoveling snow is just what we do here!

Me, being a tough, snow-shoveling, Snowpocalypse-surviving lady!

So, after shoveling the snow came the last part of our holiday decorating! Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to live in a house decorated with holiday lights. This year, we made it happen.PJ held the ladder, and I went up and down that ladder a MILLION TIMES to get the lights just right…and toward the end, PJ went up and down that ladder, too, like the CHAMPION she is!

And it might not be a lot of lights, but damn was I ridiculously proud and jumping up and down like a kid at Christmas when it was finished. ♥

This is our house! WITH HOLIDAY LIGHTS THAT WE HUNG TOGETHER! ♥ (The bedroom at the top is my and Natalie’s bedroom, complete with massive tree, too! Can you see the tree in the living room AND the porch? Yeah, we love December. ;D ♥ )


About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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