Almost There!

So you guys remember that we’ve been working on getting our house ready to sell after our friend who’d been staying there for free, promising to fix it up, kind of ruined it and didn’t fix it up at all? Well, we’d been making a LOT of progress…but when Kit died early in November was the last day that Natalie and I went to the house. We’d been going several times a week, exhausting ourselves and pushing to get it done…but after our baby passed away, we were too depressed to go, throwing ourselves into our writing work instead.

When something precious leaves your life, you never truly heal from the space it’s created in your heart…but this past week, Natalie and I went back to our house for the first time since we buried Kit there. We went to his grave, cried…and then started to work on the house again.

I can now report, utterly exhausted and so sore I can hardly move, that there is SO LITTLE LEFT TO DO, it’s crazy! We need to put one last coat of paint on the walls that have been rebuilt, we need to order carpeting (originally we were going to put down the carpeting ourselves, but because Home Depot is AMAZING, it’s $31 to have carpeting installed in an entire house. So we’re going to do that. ;D) and we need to refinish the tub and shower. And there’s little cosmetic things like cleaning after all that construction work. We’re going to get the carpet installed in January. And then?

WE’RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! And we’ll put the house on the market!!!!!!!!

After so much heartache and hard times associated with trying to get this house up, I am overjoyed. Any good thoughts and spare energy you can send our way is greatly appreciated!



About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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