Fur-babies, Holidays and TRUSTING ETERNITY Cover Reveal!

So we made the trip back up from PA, and you would have thought we were gone A THOUSAND YEARS with how our pups and kitties reacted in joy to see us. ;D PJ was an utter peach and watched our babies for us while we were gone and SHOWERED them with love and attention, but she says that “apparently an aunt’s love doesn’t cover two moms.” ;D I just think our babies are UTTERLY SPOILED. (Truth. ;D)

Now that we’re back from PA, the holidays can get started, full swing! I’ve got a VERY big roster of holiday cookies that need to be baked, we have multiple trees that need to be trimmed, and a lot of carols to be played and sung! ♥

I also have plans to release FOREVER AND A KNIGHT this month, along with the next Sullivan novella, and that means that the second Sullivan compilation will be out! It’s called TRUSTING ETERNITY, and I know I teased the novella’s cover (You can see the cover for ETERNAL GAME at the bottom of the Sullivan Vampires page!)…so here’s the compilation cover!

I got a few emails this week asking about the Sullivans, and asking for a release date. I wish I had a firm release date for you! It’s my hope that FOREVER AND A KNIGHT will be released not this week, but next week, and then the Sullivans will be released hopefully around the 20th, but that might shift, depending on how much editing FOREVER AND A KNIGHT needs on top of what I’m already doing. I’ll definitely let you know the closer we get! 🙂 ♥  (If you’re not already part of our mailing list, sign up here to be the first to know when the compilation is released!)


About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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