A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER on AfterEllen.com (and other things)

My novel, A Knight to Remember, was featured on one of my favorite sites, AfterEllen.com, last week. What made it even better, was that it was named as one of “8 Lesbian Romances That Will Get You Hooked on the Genre,”, an honor that I’m utterly delighted and grateful for.

Natalie and I have been having a rough time dealing with the passing of our beloved cat, Kit, last weekend. To say that he meant everything to us is an understatement…he was our sunshine and our world. We cry every day, and our hearts will probably remain broken for a very long while. But somehow, impossibly, in the face of grief, life has to go on.

For me, my saving grace (besides Natalie and my friends) has been working on my next novel, Forever and a Knight. Writing was the only way that I survived my hellish teenaged years, writing was the only way that I coped with the homophobia dealt to me. In my darkest hours, writing has been a constant, comforting companion that allowed me to slip into worlds of my own making, falling in love with characters I created: an empowering thing if there ever was one.

The hardest part for me with Forever and a Knight is that the main character, Josie, has a cat that I based one hundred percent on Kit, our beautiful baby who just passed. I was sitting down, sobbing my heart out to my best friend, P.J. (who, by the way, has been so incredible during this time. I mean, she’s always wonderful, but her support and kindness have made my and Natalie’s lives a little easier and comforted during this time. She’s a peach. <3), saying I thought I should cut the parts of the novel out with the cat…that I didn’t think I could write them while I felt *this* raw. And she gave me a big hug and told me that I needed to write through them, that it would be healing and I’d probably sob my heart out the whole time…but that it was important to keep them.

So I have. And she was right: writing them has me sobbing, but in a lot of ways…it helps with this tremendous loss.

Forever and a Knight is a lot funnier than my other books, just because of the main character…which also helps. I love Josie so much, and I love Attis (the knight) so much…and I can’t wait to share this book with you guys (if you’re not on our mailing list yet, please sign up to be the first to know when Forever and a Knight is released!).

Your sympathy and kindness on my Facebook post about Kit, and in emails, has helped so much. I appreciate it more than I could ever tell you. Thank you. ❤


About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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