What I’m working on

In our writing room, Natalie and I have one wall that’s covered in chalkboard paint. We like to put the titles we’re working on up there, and when we’ve released a book or novella or short story, we strike the title through and add another. It helps keep us on track with our projects, because we both have a lot of books that we’re writing at any given time (we both have too many ideas!).

(This crappy cell phone picture of said wall was taken a few months ago, because Wolf Town and Eternal Heartbreak have already been released!)

So I wanted to share with you what’s on my section of the wall right now, and where I’m at in that project!

Working on:

Forever and a Knight

This is the second book in my Knight Legends series that began with A Knight to Remember, though this book is about two new women who I think you’re going to love. I’m getting close to being finished with this one, and then it just has to go through the editing process. I’m really crap with time estimates (I always think things are going to take much shorter than they actually do!), but it’s my hope to have this novel out at the beginning of November! 🙂

Eternal Game

The sixth book in my Sullivan Vampires series, this one should be out a few days after Forever and a Knight. It’s partially written, fully plotted out and just needs some undivided attention for its release! 🙂

Trusting Eternity: The Sullivan Vampires, Books 3-6

Like Meeting Eternity, my volume that gathered up the first three Sullivan novellas, this will gather up the second three: Eternal Dance, Eternal Heartbreak and Eternal Game. This will be available very soon after Eternal Game is made available. I know some of my readers follow along with the novellas, and some wait for the volumes–there’s no wrong way to read these books! 🙂 But I do also hope to have Meeting Eternity and Trusting Eternity in paperback once the second volume is released!

Outlined, waiting to be worked on:

The Guardian

The second book in my Lone Wolf series, The Guardian is already partially written, but I got sidetracked (Hah! I never get sidetracked. ;D), and really need to dive wholeheartedly back into it. I’m hoping for a late November release on this one, but again, that could change. I’m so sorry to the Lone Wolf fans who have been waiting so patiently! I hope the book is released sooner rather than later–Elizabeth and Layne’s story is one of my favorites to tell. 🙂


This is the first book in a brand new series for me, and I promised myself that I wouldn’t start another series until Lone Wolf has been worked on a little more. 🙂 I think you’re going to love it, and I’m VERY EXCITED about the romance in this one, and the characters!

There are several other books that I don’t want to put on this list yet, because I don’t want to tease you unfairly. Long story short, several happy things are coming, and there are many more in the pipeline!

Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm. I love telling these stories more than almost anything in this universe (except for my wife), and I’m so grateful you love reading them as much as I love telling them! ❤


About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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