FOREVER AND A KNIGHT is coming soon! :)

I am SO EXCITED that so many people loved A Knight to Remember. Your enthusiasm for Virago and Holly’s story made all the work that was that novel so entirely worth it. ❤ I was hoping (hoping, hoping!) that people would love that book, because I had so many other stories regarding the knights to tell…and now I’m going to be able to tell them.

The next book is called Forever and a Knight, and tells the story of Josie–a shock jock DJ from the public access radio station in Boston who’s sarcastic and funny and doesn’t believe in anything at all–certainly not in magic. But she’s going to start believing when she finds herself not in her apartment’s basement anymore…but in a wild woods in another world entirely. And falling (literally) onto a woman who makes her heart skip a beat.

Attis, the mysterious, dashing woman Josie unceremoniously falls onto, was once a knight…but tragedy caused her to give up her dream. Can the two women find a way back to Josie’s world…or will love make Josie want to stay? FOREVER AND A KNIGHT is coming soon! 🙂 ❤ (And, yes, Virago and Holly will be making an appearance in this book!)

All of the Knight books can be read in any order you want, and contain the different stories of each knight…but if you haven’t read A Knight to Remember yet, it will gear you up for what I’m releasing next! 🙂


About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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