Ghost Stories

In preparation for Natalie‘s new book that she’s working on, we borrowed a lot of DVD sets from the library and have been watching a lot of episodes of Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. I’d seen Ghost Hunters before, but never Ghost Adventures…it’s fun and ridiculous (the guy yells a lot ;D) and we’re kind of hooked. ;D We both love paranormal stories so much, and we were discussing our favorite ghost stories and hauntings that have happened to us…

So what are yours? What’s a ghost story that happened to you (or a member of your family)? I never really get tired of hearing them.

Let me tell you one of MINE: I was staying in a house next to a church in Chicago. I went out for a walk late one September night, and on the way home, had to sit down on the curb because I got so overwhelmed by a picture that flashed into my head. It was of a little girl, screaming and trying to run out of the basement of the church while there were flames everywhere. I got very upset and went back to the house. “Was there ever a fire in the church?” I asked the guy who owned the house. He nodded, and told me: “Yes. About sixty years ago the church burned mostly to the ground. It’s a tragic story because there was a little girl who was trapped in the basement and was burned to death.” I had no knowledge of that fact, and the only man who was still around who knew it owned the house.  I was visited by that little girl many times while living in the house (her face appeared in the window or mirrors–very unnerving!) until I talked to a psychic and learned how to send her on to the light.

If you don’t believe in ghosts, feel free to scroll by this post.  🙂  But if you do, I’d love to hear your stories!

(We’re also talking about this on my Facebook–friend me there! I love (love, LOVE!) connecting with the wonderful people who read my books: YOU! :))


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