A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER is released today (and available everywhere!)

Today is the official release of my latest novel, A Knight to Remember!

Now, this story is unlike anything you’ve read from me before. I wrote the rough draft for it a few years ago and just hung onto it. I wrote this book because I wanted a story like it–I wanted to read a story about a female knight coming through a portal into our world and sweeping a librarian off her feet. I love the movie Kate and Leopold, and nothing comes even close to it with lesbian characters. And you know what? We lesbians deserve something that fun, too. 🙂

So I held onto the manuscript until Natalie and I had dinner one night with author P.J. Bryce. “What did you ever do with your knight book?” she asked me. I told her that I didn’t know if my readers (who love vampires and werewolves!) would go for it, but she said I should publish it because it’s good. So I’ve spent a long time editing it and putting it through the editing process here at Rose and Star Press. So here we are, and A Knight to Remember is released today! 🙂

So yes–very unlike anything I’ve ever written, but as romantic as I always write, with a warrior woman who falls in love with a librarian. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it! 🙂

A librarian, a warrior woman, and a love story that’s out of this world…

Holly tells herself that the reason she hasn’t asked her girlfriend to move in (after four years of dating) is that she’s too busy–but it isn’t true. A very book-obsessed librarian, Holly has buried herself in so many romantic and magical stories, that at night, she dreams of a woman who will sweep her off her feet–something her indifferent girlfriend has never done. But one night, during an unusually vicious storm, magic and romance appear in Holly’s backyard in the form of a mysterious, gorgeous woman…wielding a sword.

The dashing stranger’s name is Virago. She claims that she’s a warrior on the hunt for a great and terrible beast; that she, and the beast, slipped through a portal from their world into ours. Holly isn’t sure what to believe, but she is now responsible for a (possibly crazy) swordswoman who is bewildered by modern-day conveniences like escalators, but not by the chivalry of sweeping a woman off her feet.

Can Holly help Virago find her own world again, or will that falling-in-love thing get in the way? And, of course, there’s the tiny problem of the beast Virago wounded that is now seeking revenge…



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About Bridget Essex

Author of lesbian romances; madly in love with my wife, author Natalie Vivien.
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